LIZA MINNELLI reportedly drops out of Throat Drops commercial because she  was “overwhelmed”.

The New York Post said that Liza dropped out of the taping of a Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops commercial at the very last minute because she had become “overwhelmed” by the “pressure”.

The NY tab also said Liza was in uber-diva mode providing the commercial producers with a bizarre list of alleged items for her dressing room including two cartons of cigarettes, a humidifier "because she can't breathe," six cases of Bai anti-oxidant drink, black Egyptian cotton towels, a body scale, a food scale, no Styrofoam plates, silver trays only, a $400 coffee service and full hair and makeup.

When Liza is said to have bailed, domestic diva Martha Stewart stepped in to score an easy payday and was in-and-out of makeup and done taping within hours.

Pine Brothers owner Rider McDowell told Business Insider, "We reached out to Martha … after our first actress had a nervous breakdown the morning of the shoot," declining to name the thesp initially hired to star in the TV advert.

Liza Minnelli's PR flack Scott Gorenstein revealed his client "had some initial conversations" with the commercial's producers, but "couldn't agree on a script."

 "While she may be showbiz royalty, she's surprisingly easy,” Liza’s publicist admitted. “The most we ever ask to have on hand is a Coca-Cola. And if we're being especially demanding, then some red Gatorade, too."