After more than a hundred operations in the past 25 years, Hollywood icon Liz Taylor says finis!

The superstar, 78, has reportedly told friends and family she won’t go under the knife any more no matter how much pain she’s in.

Taylor who’s been in poor health most of her life after falling off a horse in National Velvet has already been rushed to a hospital 3 times this year.

Liz’s long list of surgery included having both hips replaced and five operations on her back. Medical problems for the Suddenly Last Summer star have also included a brain tumor, skin cancer, diabetes, pneumonia, seizures and a stroke.

Last October, Liz had a heart procedure to treat congestive heart failure – a progressive condition in which the heart is too weak to pump sufficient blood around the body.

And pals say she is still suffering excruciating neck pain as a result of her lifelong battle with scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.

Despite the searing daily pain, Liz is reputed to have said NO to docs’ demands to conduct corrective surgery before it’s too late.

Now, virtually confined to a wheel chair, the indomitable Taylor still quips about the numerous predictions of her "demise".

"’I enter hospitals as often as others enter taxi cabs," Liz said in an interview.

"But as I said before …I AM a survivor."