Newbie ELIZABETH TAYLOR has joined ELVIS & JACKO on annual top earning dead celeb list!

Two over two years after his death, Michael Jackson still is the top lucrative entertainment property from beyond the grave.

Forbes released its 2011 roster of the top-earning dead celebs, and the King of Undead Pop remains Numero Uno pulling in $170 million in revenue.

The Hollywood Reporter said MJ “Not only does he best anyone dead, he tops most living pop acts as well.”

Retaining his spot last year’s list is The King, Elvis Presley. 34 years after his death, he brought in $55 million over the past year.

Newbies include Elizabeth Taylor who died at age 79 in March.

Liz  ties dead-Beatle John Lennon for the number 5 spot with both garnering $12 million each.

Liz’s best selling perfume, White Diamonds, counts for the bulk of her post-mortem profits.

Another new addition to the list is Marilyn Monroe.

Gone for 51 years, Monroe had previously been a "near miss" for the dead celeb money list.

Marilyn finally made “it” this year  — coming in third with a cool $27 mill.

Sometimes, it pays to be dead.