ELIZABETH TAYLOR’s family is at each other throats over her money! 

The late screen legend’s oldest son Michael Wilding is outraged that his siblings simply can’t wait to cash in on their famous mom’s image – even though they each have already raked in $100 million from her estate, say sources.

“Liz’s kids are at each other’s throats, and naturally it’s all about money,” a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

 The battle pits 59-year-old Michael against Chris Wild­ing, 57, Liza Todd Tivey, 55, and Maria Burton, 52, as well as her manager, Liz’s close pal Jason Winters.

“Ever since their mom died, the Taylor children have been besieged by merchandisers trying to cash in on her im­age,” divulged the friend. “The big question is whether they should cut a deal now or wait a few years because the Liz brand is only going to appreciate.”

The feuding family has had offers to splash the Hollywood icon’s famous face on every­thing from T-shirts to coffee mugs, according to the source.

Manufacturers and market­ers have dangled offers worth tens of millions in front of Liz’s children. While Michael is vehemently opposed to do­ing any deals yet, sources say Winters is leading the charge to cash in now. Revealed the friend: “Michael told his brother and sisters, ‘What’s the rush? Mom has left us more money than we can ever hope to spend!’ But the others don’t want to wait.

“Michael is disgusted. He feels this is just shameless ex­ploitation. He’s not against cutting marketing deals, but he doesn’t want to rush headlong into anything.

“He wants the family to se­cure good, long-term contracts with quality merchandisers, not fly-by-night companies just looking to make a fast buck.”

The two-time Oscar winner died on March 23 last year at age 79 and left behind a stag­gering $600 million fortune. Along with the massive pay­outs to her children, a huge chunk went to charities, in­cluding Liz’s cherished AIDS foundation.

But as The ENQUIRER re­ported last year, hostilities soon erupted among family members over the quick sale of Liz’s palatial Bel-Air home.

A Private buyer purchased the mansion for a bargain rate of $8.6 million in late June 2011 – just weeks after it went on the market. And that reportedly in­furiated Michael.

“He felt the estate dumped the house for a quick payoff,” said the source.

“And now, Michael’s fighting the same battle over the Eliza­beth Taylor brand. Believe me, it’s going to GET nasty.”