A memorial service for Hollywood icon LIZ TAYLOR drew 400 of her nearest and dearest in remembering the late superstar.

Among Liz’s Legion of pals — Colin Farrell, Michael Caine and Elton John as they joined family and friends of Dame Elizabeth Taylor during a private memorial service for the Oscar-winner.

Liz’s son Michael Wilding told the 400 strong in a Warner Brothers theater on the studio lot in Burbank that it was especially meaningful to have so many friends on hand to celebrate his mother.

As THE ENQUIRER reported the Academy Award-winning beauty of "Butterfield 8" and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" was just 79 when she died on March 23 of congestive heart failure in Los Angeles. Liz had been in decling health for years

Her rep Sally Morrison told media that Liz’s newest pal the hunky Farrell hosted the service, featuring clips and memories of the violet-eyed stunner.

"Virginia Woolf" director Mike Nichols put together a touching video message, grandson Rhys Tivey played "Amazing Grace" on the trumpet and Sir Elton John performed "Blue Eyes."

Hard to say goodbye to a legend….