Published on: August 22, 2002

Elizabeth Hurley gave birth to her first child just five months ago amid a nasty paternity dispute -- but she's already talking about having another baby!

"It was great and I would definitely do it again," the actress/supermodel told an interviewer.

"Motherhood has been a huge learning curve but it has been a nice thing."

Liz's former flame Hugh Grant -- who is godfather to her son Damian -- once said she "couldn't look after a rabbit." But now, Liz says, "Hugh thinks I am an unbelievably good mom."

Liz fought an embarrassing battle to prove that film producer Steve Bing was Damian's father after Bing claimed that their relationship was not exclusive.

But she's put that all behind her and has regained her eye-popping figure as she promotes her new movie "Serving Sara."

"I was the size of a tank," she said, "but I made it my mission in life to get back into shape."