Published on: January 17, 2012
Photography by: Getty Images Sport

ELIN NORDEGREN warned MICHAEL JORDAN’s fiancee – her close pal YVETTE PRIETO – NOT to marry the basket­ball legend, who has a reputation as a world-class philanderer!

But Yvette, a 33-year-old Cuban model, is so determined to wed the former Chicago Bulls great that she’s ignoring her friend’s advice, insiders say.

“Elin was horrified to hearthat Yvette is planning to marry Mi­chael,” a source close to the mother of Tiger’s two young children told The ENQUIRER. “After her terrible experience with Tiger, Elin is con­vinced Michael will never give up his cheating ways. She told Yvette, ‘Don’t marry him! Once a cheater, always a cheater!’”

Elin still feels that Jordan was instrumental in ex-hubby Tiger Woods’s dramat­ic downfall.

“Michael and Tiger are golfing buddies, and Elin blames him for leading Tiger astray in the first place,” explained the source.

 “She believes Tiger’s cheating began when he start­ed hanging out with Michael, who was always on the hunt for hot young women.”

After several of Jordan’s steamy extramarital romps became public, he set the world record for expensive divorces with a stagger­ing $150 million payout to Juanita Vanoy, his wife of 17 years and mother of his three children, in 2006.

As for Tiger, his sexcapades with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel were re­vealed by The ENQUIRER in 2009 and led to bombshell revelations of his infidelities with well over a dozen other women. After that, his five-year marriage to Elin collapsed, leaving her with an estimated $110 million divorce settlement.

Elin, 32, met Yvette at the Presi­dents Cup golf tournament in California in 2009, when she was still married to Tiger. Yvette was with Jordan, and the two women struck up an immediate friendship, insiders say.

“They’re both models, both golf widows, and both hooked up with sports superstars, so they had a lot in common,” the source noted. “They’ve stayed in touch, and Yvette offered Elin a shoulder to cry on when her marriage fell apart.

“After Yvette and Michael got engaged, Elin told her, ‘You don’t know how terrible it feels to learn that the man you love is having sex with other women. But I do! You need to listen to me. This marriage is not a good idea.’”

But after a three-year romance, Yvette intends to drag the 48-year-old hoopster – now majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats – to the altar. So Elin has warned her to at least stay alert for clues that he’s cheating, said the source.

“Long after Tiger’s infidelities had become common knowledge, Elin remembered little things that should have tipped her off,” the source divulged.

“She told Yvette, ‘I never had a clue while it was going on, but now that I think back, there were SO MANY THINGS that could have made me open my eyes sooner.’”