LISA WHELCHEL was voted by fans Player of the Season on “Sur­vivor: Philippines,” and her luck held out when she dodged death while making a big move to Hollywood to relaunch her acting career.

The 49-year-old mother of three re­cently loaded up a moving truck for the trek from her home in Texas to Califor­nia, but she didn’t get very far. At her very first stop for gas, Lisa discovered a leak that could have blown her sky-high!

The truck’s fuel line had been cut, and as she started to fill up the tank, gas gushed out. A stray spark could have ignited the whole thing and sent the “Survivor” finalist up in a ball of flames.

In fact, the local fire department had to be called to get the situation under control.

“Apparently, someone cut our fuel line and tried to siphon out our gas,” the former “Facts of Life” star posted on her Twitter feed.

Easy-going Lisa has adopted the motto “take the good, take the bad,” from her old TV show, but the harrowing incident frightened her family and friends, said an insider.

“Since Lisa has been back in the spot­light with ‘Survivor,’ she has been getting crazy mail, and there’s always the fear that some nutcase might be trying to get to her,” explained the insider.

“She’s getting popular again, but fame comes with a lot of headaches. And since she’s still very attractive and divorced, she’s going to get a lot of at­tention. In the wake of this latest mishap, friends are telling her, ‘Next time, take a plane!’”