A HEARTBROKEN Nic Cage is completely crushed after long-time girlfriend Lisa Marie Presley coldly dumped him — and the pain is even worse because she left him for an old fiance.

That’s the untold story behind the recent headline-making breakup of Elvis’ 34-year-old daughter and the 38-year-old Academy Award winner.

Nic was fixing up a love nest for the two of them when his dreams of marrying the former Mrs. Michael Jackson were suddenly shattered by a heart-piercing phone call.

“Nic is devastated,” revealed an insider.

“He was planning to marry Lisa Marie. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, she calls and tells him their relationship is over.

“Nic was in shock. He couldn’t believe it. He asked why, and Lisa Marie told him, ‘I need more time.’

“They had been talking about getting married and Nic was gung ho. He had no idea that Lisa Marie was pulling away from him. Cage bought a house in New Orleans and he was fixing it up for the two of them. He’d been planning their future together.

“What he didn’t know is that right before Super Bowl weekend, Lisa Marie hooked up again with her ex-fiance John Oszajca. They were together in Orlando, stayed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom hotel and did some sight-seeing.

“And they discovered that there was still a lot of chemistry between them.

“Lisa Marie knew she wasn’t ready to marry Nic. She thought about marriage, but then when she was with John and still had feelings for him, she knew she couldn’t make the commitment to Cage.

“But Nic had no idea and he felt totally betrayed when he later found out that Lisa Marie had gotten back together with Oszajca. It crushed him. He was making wedding plans and then found out that the love of his life was off with her ex-fiance!

“Cage was ready to buy a diamond ring. He was planning his formal proposal to her. Lisa Marie seemed ready to settle down with him. Then she destroyed his dreams.”