Published on: November 11, 2003

Lionel Richie is suffering a world of hurt! His second wife Diane has blown apart their seven-year marriage -- filing for legal separation due to "irreconcilable differences."

Deepening Lionel's heartache, his 21-year-old daughter Nicole has flirted with disaster by abusing drugs in the past.

The women in his life have the "All Night Long" singer wailing the blues.

Incredibly, pals say Diane's complaining the 54-year-old star -- once known for his wild flings and heavy partying -- has become dull and is spending too much time away trying to reignite his career.

"Diane says Lionel has turned into a boring workaholic," revealed a close pal. "She doesn't see the point of being married to him anymore."

Lionel has been on the road a lot and his absence got on his wife's nerves, disclosed an insider.

"Lionel was home only about two weeks a year, according to Diane. She was sick of it.

"But instead of trying to understand, Lionel says all Diane did was complain.

"He said the only time she wasn't complaining was when she was shopping."

Lionel's first marriage to wife Brenda ended in 1992 after 17 years. Brenda had caught him with Diane at her Beverly Hills apartment -- and flew into a rage.

She battered Diane black and blue and kicked Lionel in the groin, as The ENQUIRER previously reported.

Sadly, the singer's long history of "female problems" includes his troubled daughter.

Nicole -- adopted by Lionel and his ex-wife Brenda -- was busted earlier this year for possession of heroin, as The ENQUIRER disclosed.

Her deeply concerned father personally escorted her to an Arizona rehab facility.