Lindsey Tells Tiger: Marry Me Or Else!

Lindsey Tells Tiger: Marry Me Or Else! thumbnail

LINDSEY VONN has hit TIGER WOODS with an ultimatum – marry me, or we’re finished!

The injured Olympic skiing champ, 29, and philander­ing golf great, 38, have been dating for nearly a year, and Lindsey has decided that their relationship has reached a “put up or shut up” moment, a source says.

“Lindsey told Tiger, ‘If you won’t marry me, there are plenty of good-looking guys out there who would,’” revealed an insider.

But Tiger – who had to cough up a reported $110 million in his divorce from Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren – is said to be in no hurry to get hitched again.

Injuries forced Lindsey to drop out of the Sochi Winter Olym­pics, and with her future on the slopes in doubt, sources say she’s looking to solidify her domestic future with Tiger – and that means marriage and babies.

“Tiger’s not thinking that way,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “He’s not interested in getting married again and having more kids. He told her he’d think it over, but secretly Tiger wants out. And if she keeps pushing hard for a commitment, she’s playing right into his hands.”

The pair announced that they were dating on their Facebook page last March and for a while were seen together constantly. Lately, however, they’ve been drifting apart. While Lindsey has been recov­ering from her injury and appearing on NBC for the Olympics, Tiger has been off playing golf in India and other places. Now, Lindsey appears ready for a Hail Mary to salvage the relationship.

“Marrying Tiger would be complete se­curity for Lindsey,” said the source. “She’s worth about $3 million, but Tiger is worth more than 100 times that.”

Both have been mar­ried before – Lindsey to fellow skier Thomas Vonn from 2007 to 2012, and Tiger to Elin. That six-year union produced two kids – daughter Sam, 6, and son Char­lie, 5, but crashed in 2009 after The ENQUIRER revealed that Woods had been having an affair with New York party girl Rachel Uchitel.

After initially demanding that Tiger keep their kids away from his girlfriends, Elin finally relented with Lindsey.

“Elin thinks Lindsey is good for Tiger but doubts their relation­ship will last,” said the source. “She advised Lindsey to not put any pressure on Tiger, but Lindsey went ahead and did the complete opposite. She’s demanding a com­mitment, and that just pushes Tiger farther away.

“When Lindsey hit him with an ultimatum, it started an argument. Tiger told her, ‘If that’s the way you feel, we need to rethink this whole relationship.’”

Although Lindsey is putting on a smiley face in public, calling Tiger her “Teddy Bear,” the source said that deep down, she may be scared that she may have lost any chance to be his wife.