Lindsay Lohan is still in hot water for her 2007 DUI arrest and things will come to a boil in March when lawyers will ask the troubled star if she is sorry about the alleged car chase she’s being sued over.

During a deposition, Lindsay — who is being sued by three male passengers that were in a car that the actress is accused of commandeering — will be asked if she feels sorry or any remorse.

“How does she answer these questions? Lindsay is in a no-win situation,” a source close to LiLo tells exclusively. “If she says she is sorry and remorseful, the other side will say, ‘Look, she is negligent, and she should be held responsible for everything that the plaintiffs are alleging.'”

“But, If Lindsay says she isn’t remorseful, or sorry, they will say, ‘How could she not be?'”

That’s not the only complication though…

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