Desperado LINDSAY LOHAN pens letters to ex-pals and lovers hoping for redemption from rehab. Guess again.

Sources say the troubled actress has written desperate letters to friends and ex-lovers, but pals predict she’ll be singing the same old song when she’s released from the Betty Ford Center.

“Lindsay’s working through a lot of stuff, and she had an overwhelming urge to write to these people and explain herself,” said a pal. “But she always does this when she’s in trouble. It’s like she’s trying to find closure.”

The former “Freaky Friday” star, who will turn 27 in rehab on July 2, labored over a love letter to her lesbian ex, DJ Samantha Ronson, said the source.

“Lindsay took ages writing it,” said the pal. “While Sam has made it clear she’s not interested in seeing her, LiLo will never give up trying to win her back.”

In another bizarre move, Lindsay wrote to her ex Max George of the British boy band The Wanted.

“Max totally used her, and then made out that she’d fantasized their romance, when in reality she’d even met his mom!” said the source.

“But writing Max was actually good for Lindsay. She’s setting new boundaries, and it’s no longer OK for a guy to treat her badly.”

Lindsay even wrote to her nemesis, Paris Hilton, said the source.

“She and Parfis have nothing in common anymore, and Paris doesn’t want anything to do with Lindsay,” said the pal. “But LiLo wants to keep her options open.”

As for the letters’ contents, “we’ve all heard it before – another comeback – and this time ‘I really mean it,’” said the source.

“But what will really happen when Lindsay’s back on the scene remains to be seen.

“One thing’s for sure, she’s going to keep her partying private. Lindsay does NOT want to end up in court again!”