On her sexy new record, teen queen Lindsay Lohan moans that she’s sick of “Rumors,” so here’s some cold, hard Truth: Sources say producers of her new flick “Herbie: Fully Loaded” got sick of her bitchy ‘tude–and threatened to ax her because she’s constantly calling in sick or showing up late after night-crawling with her wild-child posse!

Following a “sick day” on September 16, an insider says the brass summoned Lindsay to a top-secret meeting and delivered a serious warning: You’re on thin ice…shape up, or we’ll replace you!

Revealed a source: “Lindsay’s called in sick on more than one occasion, and when she does show up she’s sometimes late–and that holds up production!”

Facing the angry execs, the teary-eyed 18-year-old promised, “I’ll behave!” But…will she? Stay tuned, folks…

AND, it’s fair to note that when we contacted Lindsay’s rep she denied producers threatened to ax her and denied Lindsay was ever out sick or even late–“except for once, when she was 20 minutes late because there was a car mix-up.”

BUT… it’s also fair to note that Lindsay’s rep said Mike Walker is “a legend”!