Lindsay Lohan was injured in a car accident early Saturday morning in Los Angeles and subsequently arrested and cited on suspicion of driving under the influence, cops say.

Officers at the scene found a "usable amount" of what they believe to be cocaine, according to Lt. Mitch McCann.

McCann did not say exactly where the drug was found, but that Lohan was not carrying it on her.

According to police, Lohan, 20, appeared to be speeding in her 2005 Mercedes SL-65 convertible when it crashed a curb at 5:30 am.

Lohan left the scene of the accident to seek medical treatment for minor injuries that involved "something to her upper chest area," said McCann. The two other passengers in her car were not injured, according to McCann.

Cops say they met up with Lohan at the hospital and arrested her for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. "There is a potential for additional charges," McCann said.

The Georgia Rule star — who did a stint in rehab earlier this year — was released from custody because she was admitted to the hospital, police said. Lohan’s rep has not commented on the situation.