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Glam lez couple Lindsay Lohan & Sam Ronson are turning heads and raising eyebrows as they cavort in New York City.

First they hit the Sephora Tenth Anniversary party as LiLo showed off her $22K luv ring from Sam to mom Dina Lohan and brother Michael.

Then, after being spotted candoodling on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, they hit the late night Manhattan club scene before slipping off for some quality hand holding in the Hamptons.

At the Grey Goose Manor the modern-day Bonnie & Clyde fashion trend setters engaged in even more PDAs in between sipping their favorite vodka.

"Sam is very sweet to Lindsay," a source said.

"She’s a good influence in her life."

Sam, the vinyl spinning daughter of rocker Mick Ronson, has now updated her Facebook profile status to — surprise — being "in a relationship".

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