After pleading guilty to drunk driving and cocaine possession charges last summer, LiLo cooled her heels behind bars.  

To date, the wild blonde has wracked an impressive 84 minutes in lockup, according to attorney, Blair Berk.

Berk gave an update on the troubled actress’ condition to the Beverly Hills judge presiding over LiLo’s probation.

She claimed that Lohan is "completely on track with everything."

Besides lockup time back in August 2007, LiLo has thus far visited a morgue, an emergency room and some community service.

The judge scheduled another progress report next January.

The Mean Girls star must complete various programs or face far stiffer penalties.

And by "far stiffer" – the judge doesn’t mean downing shots of Grey Goose vodka with gal pal Sam Ronson at the Hawaiian Tropic Room in New York.