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With new allegations of wild blonde daughter Lindsay’s kleptomania, mother Dina Lohan put her foot down – on Inside Edition.

"I mean really it’s silly," a disgruntled Dina confided, dismissing allegations that LiLo pilfered a blonde mink coat from a NY club.

"I talked to Lindsay and we were laughing hysterically."

But now new charges have arisen to perplex the House of Lohan.

Lauren Hastings
, model and Shia Lebouf‘s maybe GF, says LiLo emptied her closet of clothes.  Hastings reported the theft to LAPD after friends told her they saw Lindsay, handing off garments to bodyguards. 

The DA’s office didn’t even bother investigating.

When Hastings accused Lohan of the theft, LiLo blew her off saying she was "completely delusional" and "pathetic". 

Meanwhile Lindsay is restrategizing ala Britney to restore street cred  –with a guest shot on Ugly Betty and a new movie Dare to Love Me in pre-production.