Hot mess LINDSAY LOHAN is back on a road to ruin in the wake of her cheesy LIZ & DICK high camp stupor – boozing, barroombrawlin' and MORE.

REVIEWS for Lindsay Lohan’s performance in the Lifetime movie “Liz & Dick” were so terrible that those close to the troubled actress are terrified she’ll spiral out of control again.

Lindsay, whose life has been a roller coaster of drugs, booze and run-ins with the law over the last few years, was hoping her portray­al of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor would put her back on the A-list. But instead, critics have panned her performance as “wooden,” “inadvertently hysteri­cal” and “rusty.”

Now pals are terrified the 26-year-old will be so crushed by the harsh reviews that she’ll fall back on the self-de­structive habits of her past. AND they may be right – as Lindsay was arrested today in New York after a barroom incident at posh Avenue.

According to NYPD, Lilo clocked a woman, 28-year-old clubgoer Tiffany Eve Mitchell of West Palm Beach, Florida, around 4 a.m. ET Thursday, after the two exchanged words after bumping into one another while rubbernecking a separate fight that broke out near the VIP area of the venue, where they both were seated.

“Lindsay hoped this movie would be her comeback,” said one Hollywood insider. “Instead, it looks like it’s going to make her a punch line again, and that’s not good.

“After this, the only roles that producers will be calling her to play are ‘Lindsay Lohan, Hol­lywood train wreck’ types – and that’s the last thing she wanted.

“This could put her in a really bad place.”

Lindsay’s once-promising career took off after her first major movie role in “The Parent Trap” when she was just 11. But as her stardom skyrocketed with commer­cial hits such as “Freaky Friday” and “Mean Girls,” Lindsay’s personal life was falling apart.

In the years that fol­lowed, she was involved in several car accidents, had multiple DUI arrests, and suf­fered from an eating disorder as well as addictions to both drugs and alcohol. She’s been in and out of court, done five stints in rehab, and even spent some time behind bars for probation viola­tions.

Her heavy par­tying took a toll on her work, and she quickly devel­oped a bad reputation in Hollywood. Eventu­ally, no one wanted to work with her.

“Lindsay was trying so hard to improve her reputation and get producers to take her seriously,” a family friend added. “She thought that this role as Elizabeth Taylor would be an award-winning per­formance and that everyone would forget about her past troubles, but it has turned out to be just the op­posite. She’s devastated.

 “The fear is that if more movie or TV jobs don’t materialize, Lindsay is going to drown her sorrows in booze or drugs. Her friends are scared to death.”