LINDSAY LOHAN didn’t need much clothing for her love scene with CHARLIE SHEEN in “Scary Movie 5” – but sources say the sticky-fingered star slipped off with goodies worth $15,000!

“It was the talk of the set in Atlanta,” said an insider.

“The clothes were on her wardrobe racks. Some nice tops and skirts and other items were gone. I guess Lindsay thought she was entitled to it – like free soap at a hotel.

“All the other actors knew about it, but the producers just put it down to the price you had to pay for doing business with Lindsay.”

It’s far from the first time that the 26-year-old actress – who was arrested for DUI in 2007 – has been accused of stealing. She spent 35 days under house arrest in 2011 af­ter she allegedly swiped a necklace from a jeweler in Venice, Calif.

LiLo – who plays Liz Taylor in the upcoming TV movie “Liz & Dick” – was also a suspect when a fellow partygoer’s fur coat went missing in New York.

And that’s not all! The trouble-prone “Mean Girls” star was accused of being involved when $100,000 worth of watches and sunglasses recently disappeared from a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills. The friend later withdrew the complaint and Lindsay denied any knowledge of the missing items.

As for “Scary Movie 5,” Lindsay reportedly balked at the spoof ’s script because it cast her in a nega­ tive light. But she turned up for work after she was allegedly threatened with legal action.

“Even unreliable Charlie Sheen was concerned that Lindsay wouldn’t show up for the September shoot in Georgia,” said the insider.

“The wardrobe people were unhappy about the missing clothes, but at the end of the day the producers decided it was more trouble than it was worth to try and get them back.”