The dyspeptic duo together again for the very first time – Jon Gosselin and Levi Johnston!

Only at the crossroads of the world, Times Square, could the troubled reality star and Sarah Palin nemesis find each other amongst the disparate multitudes.

Alaska’s favorite son Levi, 19, was in town to shoot his photo spread for Playgirl magazine  when hundreds mobbed the possibly-full frontal hunk at an outside taping of The Insider.

And just prior to the taping look who Levi bumped into – bad boy Jon Gosselin who’s facing off in a lawsuit with TLC for breach-of-contract in which pals and gals are being deposed to testify against him. Hey – he’s doing The Insider too!

No word yet on what these two titans of tabloid media discussed at the seemingly fortuitous photo shoot besides matching pea-coats.

We can only dare to wonder.