Heath Ledger’s heartbroken parents and sister flew from hometown Perth, Australia to attend The Dark Knight premiere to New York City.

What they saw shocked them!

The Ledgers did not walk the black carpet — but others did.

Stars Ethan Hawke, Gary Oldman, Jake Gyllenhaal , Heath’s Brokeback Mountain costar attended  to honor their pal Heath’s perf.

"Working with Heath was fantastic. He steals the movie and I’m quite happy to say that,” Christian Bale (Batman) enthused.

"He’s a hell of a talent and created a Joker that’s very iconic and one that will become a classic portrayal of the ages."

Heath’s dad Kim gave the film a thumbs up as they left the theatre. 

“Very good,” he added softly, obviously shaken by Heath’s descent into the heart of darkness.

Heath has one final film in post production – Terry Gilliam’s The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Ledger, 28, died from an accidental prescription drug OD January 22 at his New York apartment.