GOODBYE, bones…hello, curves! LEANN RIMES is sporting a fuller figure these days, and insiders tell The ENQUIRER she’s packing on the extra pounds because she wants to get pregnant this year.

Doctors told the rail-thin country cutie that she and hubby Eddie Cibrian were going to have a tough time with their baby-making plans if she didn’t start putting on some weight. So LeAnn’s been upping her food in­take.

AND THE BEST PART? Eddie LOVES her shapely new physique.

“For the last couple of years, LeAnn did every­thing she could to try and stay slim,” said a source. “She be­lieved Eddie loved stick-thin women like (his ex-wife) Brandi Glanville, so she wanted to be skinny too.”

But to LeAnn’s surprise – and relief – Eddie’s more attracted to her now than ever!

“LeAnn’s added about ten pounds since she went on her pre-pregnancy weight-gain plan,” revealed the source. “And she says that since she gained a few curves, her man can’t keep his hands off her.”

The happy couple, who celebrate their second anniversary this month, enjoyed a romantic getaway in Puerto Rico the week of April 8, where they took a midnight dip in the ocean and strolled the moonlit beach in the rain.

When they got back to their room, the source says “they made mad, passionate love. LeAnn said it was one of the most romantic nights they’ve ever had together.”

Meanwhile, LeAnn, 30, and Eddie, 39, are said to be shopping around a scripted reality show, which could draw inspiration from the ongoing drama between the singer and Bran­di, the mother of Eddie’s two sons.

“If she does get pregnant,” said another source, “they think it will be great for the show.”