Those Tweetin’ fools LEANN RIMES and dreaded rival BRANDI GLANVILLE are at it again!

Here’s how it went down THIS time: First, LeAnn told the world that her stepsons were singing a line from her new album – a verse many believe is about the singer’s affair with Brandi’s then-husband Eddie Cibrian, RadarOnline reported!

Then Brandi got busy.

“Ive been trying to get a hold of my kids 4 over an hour no response to my calls, emails or messages. Maybe twitter will work,” Brandi tweeted on Monday, approximately 8 pm PT. and addressed the tweet to Eddie.

Of course it provoked a response from LeAnn   — and then as the twitterverse joined in pointing out that Eddie rarely is on Twitter, LeAnn sent this message for Brandi (and the rest of us to see):

“Funny, she just got off the phone w/ them. Sorry, we were doing baths, homework & dinner. All good!”

Naturally, it didn’t end there, with LeAnn  adding: “the phone rang, I picked it up. Never saw this til after. All you gotta do is call.”

Rimes has previously been urged by people close to her to cut back her Twitter drama.

Yet, she still kept the topic alive Monday after Brandi dropped it tweeting: “no drama when the truth is told. Cool! Done! Nothing to it!”

Uh huh…