It’s bladder away as MARIE OSMOND wets herself in front of audience and now docs fear the worst!

Marie Osmond was laughing so hard she wet herself during a cruise ship performance, but medical experts say it’s no laughing matter. Marie may be struggling with adult incontinence.

And if the perky entertainer doesn’t seek treatment, she could end up in diapers, warn physicians.

The embarrassing inci­dent occurred March 2 when Donny and Marie were performing their final show aboard a four-night cruise for fans from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas.

When an audience member cracked a joke, the siblings laughed so hard that they were on their knees in tears.

Then Marie shrieked: “I just peed myself ! Oh, ship!”

An ob­s e r v e r told The ENQUIRER: “A still-laughing Marie tried to wipe the mess up with her hands. Then she felt the wet spot on her jeans – and tried to scoot off stage on her rear end.”

A gallant audience member then threw a jacket onstage, and the 52- year-old beauty tried to wipe up the evidence of her accident with it.

Although the brother-sister team at­tempted to make light of the incident, it was not only embarrassing but could indicate Marie is suffering uri­nary incontinence, which affects more than 30 million Americans.

The discomforting condition could be a byproduct of an aging blad­der or menopause – or a side effect of medication.

Dr. Arthur Wisot, a Los Angeles-based gynecologist notes that incontinence can be a problem for many women who have had several children. Marie has three biological children and five adopted (four still living).

It is important to see a specialist to learn the cause of the leakage – or it could get worse, warns Los Angeles-based urologist Dr. Alexander Gersh­man, who did not treat Osmond.

“Depending on the cause, we can offer a variety of treatments including electrical stimulation and exercises to strengthen the muscles in the area. But if she doesn’t see a urologist, the problem will not resolve itself and she could get progressively worse, eventually having to wear diapers.”

Concluded Dr. Gershman: “There is no reason for women to suffer. For many of them, it can be cured or certainly improved.”