TV’s wildest “Laugh In” funnyman and Peter Pan peanut butter pitchman ALAN SUES takes flight at 85.

Sues, who brought his flamboyant and over-the-top comic persona to the hit television show "Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In" in the 1960s and 1970s, has died of cardiac arrest at his home in West Hollywood.

Sues died of cardiac arrest on Thursday at his home in West Hollywood, Michael Gregg Michaud, a friend since 1975, told The Associated Press.

"He was sitting in a recliner watching TV with his dachshund Doris who he loved in his lap" Michaud divulged.

In 1952, Sues first trod the boards as a serious actor in legit and appeared in director Elia Kazan's production of "Tea and Sympathy" on Broadway in 1953.

But Sues would be remembered for his crazy characters that appeared on “Laugh-In” comic characters including "Big Al," a swishy sportscaster, and "Uncle Al the Kiddies Pal," a hung-over children's show host

Sues also donned green tights and flew the airwaves as the commercial spokesman for Peter Pan peanut butter, and made a grim unforgettable appearance in the classic 1964 "Twilight Zone" ep "The Masks."

Other notable creds include “the film “The Americanization of Emily” with James Garner, “The Doris Day Show” and as The Loonie Knight in the animated “Raggedy Ann & Andy” (1977.)