The meter reader who discovered CAYLEE ANTHONY‘s remains will be deposed by defense on Friday, according to a report.

Roy Kronk, the meter reader, who made international headlines when he founded the corpse of the missing two-year old is set to take the stand during the accused murder mom’s pre-trial hearing before the end of the week for the defense, WESH-TV reported.

Cindy Anthony took the stand last week as her 911 calls to police about the "smells" from Casey’s car were allowed into evidence, after she faced her daughter in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, prosecution in a new court filing accused defense attorney Jose Baez of playing fast and loose with procedure when he told the judge he didn’t remember having a conversation about the high-profile murder case with  women’s correction facility inmate, Robin Lunceford, would be recorded by authorities.

"Regardless of the state of Mr. Baez’ faulty recollection, it is clear that the call was not an unlawfully intercepted communication under (statutes)," Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane Burdick wrote in the filing.

"It takes little imagination to envision that calls being received from a prisoner in a correctional institution are being recorded negating any reasonable expectation of privacy Mr. Baez may believe he had in the call."