ONE year after the death of beloved “Dallas” star LARRY HAGMAN, his Alzheimer’s-stricken widow, Maj Axelsson, still doesn’t realize her husband is gone.

And sadly, The ENQUIRER has learned that his estate is in disar­ray. His Ojai, Calif., home – which he dubbed “Heaven” – was sold to a Scientology-linked nonprofit and his family has been feuding over some of his most precious keepsakes.

Hagman, who was best known for his role as Texas oil tycoon J.R. Ewing on “Dallas,” died on Nov. 23, 2012, at the age of 81.

Last spring, an attorney for Hagman’s estate filed legal papers claiming that the actor’s granddaughter Noel took jewelry that had been given to Hagman by his mother, actress Mary Martin, and refused to return it. Noel reportedly be­lieves the jewelry was a gift to her.

“Larry would be spinning in his grave,” said an insider. “It appears that his granddaughter swiped his mom’s baubles and, half the time, Maj seems clueless that he’s dead.

“For a while, she used to ask when he was coming over.”

As The ENQUIRER report­ed in February, caregivers for Larry’s wife of 58 years were letting her tune in to reruns of the “Dallas” reboot so she could see her late hus­band. “She’d even been talking to Larry when he appeared on TV,” a family source said. “She’s in her own world.”

The show’s cast and crew – including both “Dal­las” veterans such as Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray as well as newcomers like Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe – pay homage to the late actor on an upcoming DVD set, “Memories of Larry Hag­man: A Cast and Crew Tribute.”

The four-disc set will also include the 2013 season of the show.

But it’s unlikely that Maj will ever see it. Her care­givers won’t let her watch the episodes that deal with J.R.’s death.

The source added: “Maj contin­ues to be happy in her world convinced that Larry is alive and well.”