Khloe Kardashian fouls out, say wives of her new hubby’s teammates.

The reality TV starlet – who "wed" Los Angeles Laker Lamar Odom two months ago – is already causing havoc with her spoiled-child behavior, charges an insider.

"Khloe has burned bridges with the Lakers’ wives and girlfriends. She’s loud, rude and obnoxious to them.

"And Khloe thinks she’s entitled to perks that the other women don’t get."

The 25-year-old is demanding courtside seats not only for herself but also for her entire family, according to the insider.

"Those prime spots are reserved for moguls and A-list celebrities who pay a small fortune for them.

"But Khloe has a huge sense of entitlement because she thinks she’s helping the team by attracting publicity.

"And rather than trying to warm up to the wives and girlfriends, Khloe is standoffish."

Khloe stepped out of bounds big-time when security guards escorted superstar Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa and her daughters from their seats to the restroom and back.

"Khloe turned to her mom and screeched, ‘Why don’t I have bodyguards? I’m more famous than her!’

The insider added: "Khloe needs a reality check."