KRIS JENNER has finally gone over the edge!

The Kardashian matri­arch’s boozing has gotten so bad that her frightened relatives fear she’s spinning wildly out of control and headed for a devastating trag­edy, a source says.

“Kris is heading into a free-fall,” disclosed a family insider.

“She sometimes drinks champagne at the office in the morning and, by night­time, she’s slurring her words, falling over furniture and occasionally doesn’t even recognize the faces of her own kids!”

An ENQUIRER investigation has ripped the lid off the Kardashians’ heartbreaking family secret – the 57-year-old “momager’s” benders have gotten so alarming that insid­ers fear for her health.

The once tough-as-nails mother of six is said to be cracking under the pressures of managing her family’s empire and helming her own new talk show.

Daughter Khloe, 29, admitted re­cently that: “One time I went out with my mom, and my mom got totally drunk…shocker.

“I was driving her home…My mom ends up throwing up out the window and we’re on the freeway, so it came back in the car on me.”

Khloe was furious be­cause the vomit not only destroyed Kris’ expensive outfit but also her own, which was worth thousands of dollars, divulged the source.

Another time, sources say Kris downed a few vodka cocktails and began dirty dancing with her daugh­ter Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West.

“In front of her kids, Kris said to a visibly disturbed Kanye, ‘If you weren’t already taken, I’d snatch you up,’” revealed the source.

“Kim raged at her mom, ‘Did you really just hit on the father of my baby?’”

Then there was the time that Kris apparently overdid it at a Mexican restaurant. She got so drunk that she passed out under a table on the floor of Khloe’s house – insisting she wanted to sleep there, and the next day only remembered bits and pieces of what happened.

“Sometimes Kris wakes up in the middle of the night, crumpled in a ball on the dirty bathroom floor and has no idea how she got there,” said the source. “It’s pathetic.”

Sadly, Kris – who has been chain-smoking despite a family history of cancer – also has booze problems in her family tree. Her stepdad Harry Shannon was a raging alcoholic.

In her 2011 memoir, “Kris Jen­ner…and All Things Kardashian,” Kris recalled how she and her sister cowered in fear as Harry pounded on the windows and door of the fam­ily house during a violent, drunken rage.

After that night, Kris’ mother near­ly pulled the plug on the relationship but gave Harry another chance to give up drinking – and thankfully, he did.

“Unfortunately, Kris’ situation may not end on such a positive note,” warned the insider. “She’s in total denial about having a problem.”