Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa exploded in rage after learning her husband had a secret mistress – and then stormed out of their house, taking their 20-month-old daughter.

Stunned by another betrayal from her husband, Vanessa fled with little Natalia to her mother’s home.

The dramatic blowup occurred just hours after the leak of a 57-page police report prepared by Eagle County (Colo.) detectives in which Kobe admits he?d regularly had extramarital sex in New York with a girl named Michelle.

And The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that Kobe’s secret affair with Michelle, a beautiful Latin girl, who works in a sports business, has been going on for at least two years!


Vanessa, 22, has stood by Kobe, 26, after he admitted to having sex with the 19- year-old college student who charged he raped her. But now that the criminal case against Kobe has been dropped, the transcript of his interview with police reveals he has cheated on his young wife before.

“You can just imagine how sickened and angry Vanessa is feeling,” a source close to the couple told The ENQUIRER. “Vanessa screamed bloody murder. ‘How dare you do this stuff again!’ she yelled.”

The basketball hero was interviewed by investigators just hours after the alleged incident with the college student. Incredibly, Kobe himself revealed Michelle’s existence to detectives.

“The affair with Michelle really heated up about six months before Kobe was accused of rape,” divulged the close source.

“He was always very careful. Michelle never called him directly, but reached him through a bodyguard.”

Kobe’s bombshell interview with detectives was sealed by the court, but on September 15 it was leaked – and after learning the lurid details two days later, a horrified Vanessa bolted.

In the taped interview, the distraught Los Angeles Lakers star told detectives Doug Winters and Dan Loya, “If it becomes public, I’ll lose my wife . . . and all my endorsements.

“My wife and daughter, (they) mean everything man, everything man.”

Kobe gave detectives intimate details of his encounter with the student and told how at one point, he gripped her from behind with his hands around her neck.

The detectives asked Kobe if he had previously cheated on his wife.

BRYANT: “Um, yes, with one other person. And she could actually testify I do that um, I do the same thing. I hold her from the back, I put my hands (inaudible).”

Det. LOYA: “And who’s that other person?”

BRYANT: “Her name is Michelle.”

Det. LOYA: “And this is somebody you frequent or one time incident or . . . ?”

BRYANT: “No, she’s a, she’s a frequent (inaudible).”

Det. LOYA: “Obviously your wife doesn’t know about this?”

BRYANT: “No. Nothing man, seriously. (inaudible).”


During the interview, Det. Loya reveals the college student suffered a bruise on her neck. From Kobe’s comments, it appears the mark may have been left during “rough sex.”

Kobe informs investigators that his mistress can tell them more about his penchant for rough sex: “The strangling thing you have to go talk to this girl (inaudible) Michelle . . . Me and Michelle, that’s what we do, the same thing.”

Det. WINTERS: “That’s your thing. How many times did you have sex with Michelle?”

BRYANT: “A lot. She’ll tell you the same . . . “

After fleeing her house Friday, September 17, Vanessa returned for a few hours Sunday evening – then left again for her mother’s around midnight.

“It was her third night sleeping at her mother’s since the police document was leaked,” said the close source.

While Vanessa is outraged, the two have not split, and observers would not be surprised if they again manage to heal the rift or put a good face on it by showing up together in public.