Food engorged fattie Kirstie Alley‘s meltdown!

 "I’m fat, and I look like hell," declared a tearful Kirstie Alley after her latest desperate diet plan ended in disaster – and she soared to a frightening 250 pounds.

The once-upon-a-time Cheers beauty who vowed to stick to a diet,  returned to a path of self-destruction. She put on 20 pounds – reaching a scale-busting 250, according to an insider.

"It’s very sad. Kirstie tries to lose weight but she can’t break the cycle of years of eating junk food and fatty comfort fare," said the insider who added that the frustration of her diet failure recently led the actress to collapse in tears.

"Kirstie finally broke down! She was in tears over her lack of willpower and frustrated that she can’t say no to eating the fatty foods that keep her a heavyweight."

The star – whose goal weight is 155 – has hired a physical trainer and starts each day eating right, but by the end of the day is chowing down on  fave fatty junk foods.

 "Kirstie is in trouble," said the insider, "and frankly it is beginning to worry people close to her.

"When she stopped working for Jenny Craig, she stopped having someone stand over her shoulder and weigh her. And now no one is calling her to talk her through the cravings."

Kirstie’s favorite food is Chinese at her favorite spot, the Chi Dynasty restaurant near her home.

The insider added that Kirstie is "very self-conscious" that diners will spot her overeating. One of her strategies to look like a modest eater is to take the really fattening dishes like pan fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, beef, pork and vegetables home, hidden in take-out bags.

"Kirstie often tears up when she sees photos of herself, and she feels out of control," confided the insider.

The star’s reps denied Kirstie has packed on pounds and say she’s sticking to a weight-loss program that she Twitters about.

"Kirstie turned 58 in January, and unless she gets her eating under control, she will begin to have major health problems," the insider warned.