KIRSTIE ALLEY has dumped her much-younger boyfriend – because he still lives with his mommy!

When the 60-year-old star learned that her hip-hop artist boy toy, 21-year-old Shancie Boyd, was sharing an apartment with his mom, she kicked him to the curb, say sources.

“Kirstie really likes Shancie, but she’s not ready to continue a relationship with a guy who doesn’t have his own place,” revealed a pal. “She thought he at least had an apartment of his own.

“She doesn’t mind Shancie coming over to her home to hang out, but  she says you can tell a lot about a man when you see their own living space.”

According to the source, Shancie lives with his mother, Pepper Boyd, in an apartment in Los Angeles.

“She is still doing his laundry and cooking his meals – and Kirstie figures there’s a maturity issue,” said the pal.

Kirstie, who was introduced to Shancie  by fellow “DWTS” contestant Romeo Miller in March, went public with her cougar fling at The Colony nightclub in Hollywood in early May.

 But now, Kirstie – whose son William, 18, and daughter Lillie, 16, are almost as old her latest beau – senses he’s too much of a mama’s boy for her liking, says the pal.

 “At this point, Kirstie is looking for romance, not to be a baby sitter,” added the pal. “So she cut Shancie loose.”