More than a year after announcing she’d put herself on yet another diet, KIRSTIE ALLEY is still struggling to break the 220-pound mark, The ENQUIRER can reveal.

The former Cheers star has boasted she’s on her way to hitting her 150-pound goal on her own Organic Liaison weight-loss program, but friends claim she’s stuck at a scale-busting 221 pounds.

And while the 5-foot-8 Fat Actress star has kept her weight woes hidden by mostly staying out of the public eye, she appeared bloated and pasty when she ventured out recently.

"The problem is that Kirstie can’t cover up the truth any longer," said a source.

"She lied about her weight a year ago on her reality TV show by saying she was 230 pounds when she actually weighed 250 pounds. And although she’s lost some weight, it’s not even close to what she had hoped."

The Emmy-winning actress announced in November 2009 that she was starting an ambitious weight-loss and fitness program using her weight-loss product.

Kirstie, 60, chronicled her progress on her reality TV series Kirstie Alley’s Big Life, but after the show aired she didn’t push as hard, said the insider.

"Kirstie yo-yoed throughout the year, and while she claims to weigh about 160 pounds, she’s really at 221," the source divulged.

While she’s always upbeat in her frequent Internet messages on Twitter and her weight-loss blog Phitter,

"Kirstie’s been an emotional wreck," said the source. "She’s mortified at being perceived as a public failure.

"The poor thing was crying her eyes out.

"At one point, she broke down and sobbed, ‘I can’t take much more of this!’"