KIRK DOUGLAS, 96, parties like a young ‘un despite strokes and personal family setbacks — the Hollywood legend still dazzles.

You think he might be another grumpy old geezer, a potential victim of elder abuse but not battling Kirk.

He was full of holiday cheer after dining at a star studded Tinsel Town eatery over the weekend.

Kirk seemed his old “Champion” self as he happily posed for photogs and fans alike before being driven off into the twilight by his driver.

The Hollywood icon seemed spritely following his meal at the trendy Mr Chow.

Tough guy Kirk who’s outlasted most of his costars including pal Burt Lancaster, showed he still had some “Spartacus” in him, walking unassisted with the aid of a stick and looking like he might still give Barbara Stanwyck a hard time – was dazzling dapper in a brown suit.

Kirk, “The Ragman’s Son” (the title of his first memoir),has managed to remain active, finally retiring from acting in 2003, and became the world's oldest blogger four years ago.

Go get ‘em Tiger!

See you in 2013 for your 97th!