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The unbearable LIGHTNESS of being KIM KARDASHIAN as she demands her ovulating eggs be dipped in suspended animation – much like Walt Disney’s head!

With Kim turning 32 in October, she’s apparently hearing her biological clock ticking – at least for the cameras.

“Am I missing my time?” Kim, whose technically still married to Kris Humphries but has been doing the horizontal mambo with Kanye West.

Kim’s younger sister Khloe, 28, also has babies on the brain, reported sans irony.

She’s been trying, without luck, to get pregnant for a year with b-baller hubby Lamar Odom. Kim convinces her to see a fertility specialist, and Khloe finds out she may have trouble ovulating.

"I'm not a big crier," Khloe told cameras. "So I'm not too excited about what's coming up. Might have to stop watching. Sometimes hate reliving tough emotions."

Since Kim accompanied Khloe to the clinic to offer moral support, she decided to test her own fertility, and like Khloe, she got an ultrasound and blood work. 

Kim learned that she’s fine and could begin freezing her eggs.

 "I'm 31, and I'll be 32 this year, and as young as I feel, I still have those feelings where I can't wait for the day when I have my own kids," Kim said.

"It'll be exciting when that happens."

You might NOT even be on the air when that happens and then adopting from a disease ridden, 3rd world country ,may NOT be an option.

Oh, the tears, the sorrow

…and the pity.

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