FOR Kim Basinger, it’s OK to dress like a man – she just doesn’t want to date one!

Friends told The ENQUIRER that Alec Baldwin’s ex-wife is “swearing off” the opposite sex.

“This doesn’t mean she’s becoming a lesbian,” a pal noted. “It’s just that between her nasty split from Alec and long custody battle over (their daughter) Ireland, she’s still not ready to allow a new man in her life.”

She is ready to reinvent herself, though!

Former Bond girl Kim, 60, arrived solo on the red carpet for her new comedy, “Grudge Match,” in NYC on Dec. 16, sporting slicked-back hair, a mobster-style, three-piece Ralph Lauren suit, a tie and even a vintage watch on a chain.

“She used the event to redefine herself to the public,” said the pal. “Before this, she was timid, fearful and shy, and now it’s like, ‘Hear me roar!’ ”

Kim has not been seen in public with a man since her 2002 divorce from Baldwin. When she does go out, it’s usually with her look-alike daughter, Ireland, who’s now 18 and a model.

Kim’s bold new outlook is due, in part, to Ireland moving out of the home the two had shared in Woodland Hills, Calif., in mid- October.

“Ireland lives in Manhattan Beach now,” said the pal. “She’s about 45 minutes away instead of just down the hall. It’s the end of an era – and the beginning of a new one for both of them.”