Divorced parents Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin went to their 6-year-old daughter Ireland’s school music show on May 30 — and the ice between them was enough to sink the Titanic.

In their first public encounter since several blockbuster ENQUIRER exclusives revealed the nasty secret side of their relationship, the unfriendly pair sat 12 rows apart and gave each other the frosty cold shoulder.

“They never even looked at each other,” said an eyewitness. “They came separately, they sat separately, and they left separately. They stood in the church lobby, they sat in the auditorium — but they never got within 50 feet of each other.”

In our April 16 issue, The ENQUIRER reported that 48-year-old Kim was telling friends she had hired a bodyguard as protection against her ex-husband, who she said had beaten her during their seven-year marriage. The following week, Alec’s brother Billy gave The ENQUIRER an exclusive interview in which he staunchly defended Alec. Billy said that Alec may be “volatile but he is not a wife-beater” and labeled Kim a “black widow spider” and “a nut case” who is “bipolar and has multiple personalities.”

Little Ireland’s music show was the couple’s first public encounter in the wake of those shocking ENQUIRER articles.

“Their state of war was so apparent,” the eyewitness said.

At one point Alec spotted his daughter in between numbers in the auditorium and rushed to see her.

“He bounced her on his knee for a few minutes and told her how good she was in the performance,” the eyewitness said.

“But after just two minutes, Kim’s housekeeper came up and took Ireland from Alec and he went back to his seat looking disappointed.”

Said another witness: “You couldn’t help but feel sorry for Alec, who was alone, awkward and conspicuous.

“But I guess the good news is the divorce must be improving — because this time Kim had no bodyguard!”

The couple’s divorce became final in February, but the two are still working to reach a financial settlement.