Tom wants their kids present at the birth of his baby with fiancée Katie Holmes… but Nicole won’t hear of it!


Tom Cruise is locked in another family feud with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman after wanting his two adopted children to be with him during the birth of his child with fiancée Katie Holmes.

“Tom thought it might make them feel involved but Nicole thought the exact opposite,” explained one of the actor’s oldest friends.

“Tom’s a very open guy and he couldn’t see anything wrong with allowing Conor and Isabella to be there for the birth.

“He considers it a beautiful experience that he wanted to share with all close members of his family.”

Friends say the upcoming birth has put immense strain on Tom’s relationship with Nicole.

“I think Nicole is worried that Conor and Isabella could react badly to Tom bringing another child into his life. Plus, she doesn’t ever want them in the limelight,” added the friend.

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