Alicia Keys may be named as the ‘other woman’ in hip-hop producer Swizz Beats and singer Mashonda’s hot divorce, according to reports.

Swizz has been ignoring claims the Grammy winner Alicia Keys had anything to do with his bust-up with wife of five years Mashonda back in April.

But Lady M ain’t buying it.  She was livid when she got wind of the beauteous Alicia’s B-day bash she threw for Swizz at New York’s flagship Louis Vuitton store.

"Alicia introduced Swizz as ‘The man of the hour and my boo,’" an insider told The New York Daily News.

Swizz and Mashonda announced they were separating in April in a statement issued by a rep for the couple.

Though Swizz accompanied Alicia on her European tour last summer, the hip-hopper has continued to live, on and off with Mashonda at their Westchester mansion, a friend said.

According to sources, Mashonda saw red when she discovered a steamy e-mail from Alicia on Swizz’s BlackBerry and promptly fired back a terse response.

Fed up beyond the point of reconciliation, Mashonda has now hired a top notch divorce lawyer.
"This could have been handled quietly," the source told The News. "Now Mashonda has taken the gloves off."

Keys’ handlers did not respond to media queries.