IN PUBLIC, actor Kevin Spacey‘s life looks like it’s falling apart. But in private, he’s got a secret family to help him handle the stress.

The clan lives in Saltcoats on thethe hometown of his sister Julie Ann‘s husband — and over the years Spacey developed an especially close relationship with Julie Ann’s mother-inlaw, Margaret Keir.

“She became a shoulder for Kevin to lean on,” a source in Scotland told The ENQUIRER.

“Kevin came to Saltcoats as guest of honor when Julie Ann and her husband celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary at a local hotel.

“He made it plain he was comfortable in this secret family.”

Proud-as-a-peacock Margaret said, “It’s not anything anyone would believe around here — until you bring out the photograph albums. Most of my friends don’t even know who Kevin Spacey is.


“Through the years we knew Kevin was an actor, but it wasn’t until a few years ago we all realized he was a big star. My grandchildren love being able to say Kevin Spacey is their uncle.”

After a string of scandalous stories, the 44-year-old Oscar winner can use all the comfort he can get.

First, the “American Beauty” star reported a bizarre “mugging” in a London park, claiming a man stole his cell phone. But London newspapers reported the park where the incident happened is a known gathering place of homosexuals.

Then Spacey’s older brother Randy Fowler, a 48-year-old drummer, revealed that Randy was brutally sexually assaulted by their father.

“Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart,” Fowler said in reports published in Britain and Australia.

“He was so determined to avoid the whippings that he just minded his ps and qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.


“To the best of my knowledge he has never had a real relationship with anyone except our mother. He’s an empty vessel.”

Their father, says Randy, joined the American Nazi Party and trimmed his moustache and hair to become an Adolf Hitler look-alike.

Fowler also claims that he once quizzed Spacey, who’s never had a girlfriend, about his sexual orientation.

“I asked him about all the innuendo going around that he was gay, and he said, ‘I don’t consider myself heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual — just sexual.'” — DAVID WRIGHT