It seems Kelly Clarkson is really taking the reins on her career. In the latest issue of Blender magazine, Kelly sits down to reveal what she said to music legend Clive Davis about wanting to do her own songs. Kelly didn’t beat around the bush, telling Davis, “I don’t know you very well, and I am not a bull-sh-er. I get [that] you don’t like my album. You’re 80; you’re not supposed to like my album.”

But that’s not the only thing the pop-rock star was miffed about, saying, “I literally got told to my face that it wouldn’t sell more than 600,000 copies. And I got lied to. One reason I don’t like working with people at the label is that they lie.” Who knew she had it in her?

When asked why she caused all the ruckus, Kelly said, “If you’re going with the flow and not fighting, that’s settling. I can’t take that. Life is just too short to be a pushover.” Guess there really is no messing with Ms. Independent!