John Travolta’s wife KELLY PRESTON stays strong after latest disaster! 

KELLY is turning lemons into lemonade after her acting comeback flopped.

The 50-year-old wife of actor John Travolta hoped to revive her stalled career by starring in the pilot of a new sitcom, “Keep Calm and Karey On,” but ABC passed on the series.

“Kelly is opting to view this setback as a blessing in disguise,” said an insider.

“She sees it as a sign that she should make her family a priority. Now she’ll have the time and energy to focus on salvaging her troubled marriage.”

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Travolta wanted Kelly to skip filming the show in Los Angeles to be a stay-at-home mom to daughter Ella, 13, and son Benjamin, 2, in their Orlando, Fla.-area mansion – the only role she’s played since their son Jett’s tragic death in 2009.

After standing by John, 59, and looking the other way over his alleged gay trysts, Kelly threatened to end their 21-year marriage if he didn’t allow her to restart her career.

When he learned The ENQUIRER was set to report that Kelly threatened to initiate a divorce battle over their $220 million fortune, John high-tailed it to Kelly’s side in California with son Ben.

“John promised he’d change his ways,” said the source. “If only for the sake of their kids, Kelly’s willing to give him another chance. “Her motto is, ‘Career opportunities come and go, but my family is forever."