LUTZ gets no LOLZ as he “ix-nays” fatty patties for some mighty “fishy” action.  

TALK about quitting cold turkey! Kellan Lutz stuffed himself with six meals a day to pack on 25 pounds for the lead role in “Hercules 3D” – and now he’s struggling to shed it all.

To look convincing as the super strong mythical hero, Kellan spent hours a day pumping iron while loading up on carbs and protein. But now the 28-year-old actor, who found fame as heartthrob vampire Emmett in the “Twilight” series, has to do a complete about-face.

“Kellan needs to shed the extra weight fast to get ready for his next film,” explained an insider. “And he knows he isn’t going to do it while still eating chocolate, gummy bears and cheesecake.”

It’s become a man-versus-food battle for the 6-foot-1 star, who needs to slim down for his upcoming role in the big-screen drama, “Love Is All You Need?”

To get back to being a lean, mean acting machine, he’s running five miles a day and doing twice-daily cardio exercises instead of lifting weights.

But Kellan, whose weight reportedly soared to 225 pounds, admits he still lusts for big, juicy steaks, savory Angus burgers, double-stuffed baked potatoes and gooey desserts. In fact, the source says that when Kellan’s trainer tells him to go for the “kale and fish,” he begins fantasizing about steak and onion rings.

“Kellan complains that it’s torture getting back to his healthy eating style,” added the source. “It was a lot more fun putting on the weight than taking it off.”