School’s BACK for SURI – awww, look at the paparazzi, hon!

Skool daze, school daze, dear ol’ photo op rule days…

The former Chosen One of Xenu, Suri Cruise, started her first day of school today in of New York City.

Suri, 6, is attending first grade at the Avenues School, a posh private school in Chelsea where tuition is a whopping $40,000 per year, RadarOnline.com reported

With her hair pulled back and a pink bow matching her pink back pack, Suri looked calm, cool and collected as she ventures out into the real world for her first day of school.

Unlike her older siblings Isabella and Connor Crusie whom were adopted by Tom Crusise and his tehen wife Nicole Kidman, Suri is not being home schooled but is now going to the private academy that just opened this week.

Katie looked somber as she chatted on her cell phone as the two were chauffeured to school, sad to be losing her photo-op gal pal — uh, daughter.