KATIE COURIC reportedly is NOT happy the new direction her talk show will be going as it shifts from “news” to “gossip-centric”.

Katie’s syndicated daytime show will now go “gossip-centric” in its sophomore season with a behind-the-scenes shakeup that replaced exec producer Michael Morrison with “The Tyra Banks Show” exec producer Rachel Miskowiec, The NY Daily News reported.

Couric, who is also a co-exec producer on the show, is said to be livid at being “dumbed down,” a source told the tab.  “She’s fighting this.”

Battling Katie has made it very clear over the years she wants to be taken seriously in front of the cameras and none of this “perky” jazz, mind you.

AND yet once the red light goes off no one likes bitchy celeb gossip ENQUIRER-style more than Katie Ka-Boom herself.

“She knows who is dating who, who is looking for a new job, everything. She reads celebrity websites and can name all of Brad and Angie’s kids, yet on camera it just makes her cringe,” the source said. “She is worried about what Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer will think. She worked hard to be taken seriously.’

So…Will Katie Ka Boom convert for the sake of ratings gold  OR will she keep her virtuous journalistic integrity intact from the insidious designs of  Daddy TVBucks?

Stay tuned, true believers! The worst is yet to come…