A successful career and fame don’t mend a broken heart – just ask KATIE COURIC.

Katie's late husband, Jay Monahan, died of colon cancer when their kids were only six and two, and now she opens up about how her love life has fallen short of her expectations in the new ish of More magazine.

 “I really did love my husband a lot, but after Jay died, I always thought I’d end up like Florence Henderson on The Brady Bunch,” Katie, 56, said.

“It’s actually surprising to me that it has been almost 15 years, and I haven’t remarried.”

Couric, who has been in a relationship with investment banker John Molner for almost a year, isn’t one of those women who enjoy the single life and hoped to give her girls a father figure, RadarOnline.com noted.

“I think life is more fun when you have someone in your life. And I always wanted to find a father figure for my daughters, but it hasn’t worked out that way. I’ve had long-term relationships, but they haven’t turned into lifelong partners.

 “When you get to my age, everyone is a little bit wounded. So I think it’s important to handle people with care – not to think, ‘Oh, what a terrible date,’ but just, ‘This person isn’t for me.’

“Everyone has a LOT of baggage. It’s just — can you fit it into the overhead bin?”