NEW worries for TV superstar KATIE COURIC as multi-generational health crisis looms– experts!

COURIC is worried her daughters will become bulimic like she was in high school and college – putting their lives in danger, say sources.

After alarming new medical evidence suggested there’s a genetic link to the potentially deadly eating disorder, the former anchorwoman “is terribly concerned” that she could have passed it on to her daughters, Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 16, divulged an insider.

“I wrestled with bulimia all through college and for two years after that,” Katie confessed during the Sept. 24 episode of her new talk show.

“When I was bingeing and purgina a lot, I’d have a piece of gum that wasn’t sugarless and then say, ‘Oh! I’ve been bad,’ and then feel so terrible that I would eat and throw up. It was awful!”

Meanwhile, researchers at the Johns Hopkins Eating Disorders Program discovered that eating disorders tend to run in families like other genetic traits.

Dr. Angela Guarda, director of the renowned program, told The ENQUIRER: “We have found that a person who has a relative with eating disorders – a parent, aunt or sibling – is seven to 11 times more likely to have an eating disorder.”

Katie, 55, first became bulimic when she was a senior at Yorktown High School in Arlington, Va., and found out she’d been turned down by her first choice for college.

“It was damaging, both psychically and physically,” she told viewers.

And the insider added: “Katie doesn’t want her daughters to go through the same hell she did!”