KATHIE Lee Gifford’s prom date was an abortion bomber, The ENQUIRER can reveal.

Long before her marriage to Frank Gifford 28 years ago, the future star of the fourth hour of “Today” attended Bowie (Md.) High School where she attended the 1970 gala alongside her boyfriend Michael Bray.

As the two danced the night away, Kathie Lee never dreamed Bray would get on television years later – as a terrorist and felon!

The ENQUIRER has confirmed Bray served four years behind bars after being arrested for his role in the bombing of 10 abortion clinics – blowing up at least two of them by himself.

In a shocking 1984 attack, he hurled a cinder block through the front window of a Dover, Del., clinic, followed by cans of gasoline and Molotov cocktails.

The clinic was destroyed in the fire. A month later, he and an accomplice tried to use seven pipe bombs to blow up a clinic in Norfolk, Va. Only one exploded.

When his bombings partner testified against him, Bray was found guilty of two counts of conspiracy and one count of possessing unregistered explosive devices.

Speaking to The ENQUIRER in July, Bray still remembered his prom night with Kathie Lee more than 40 years later.

“We did our usual dancing,” he said in an exclusive interview. “She was a good girl – very pleasant. Talented, and she had a beautiful singing voice. “I took her home and that was the end of the date.

“There was nothing particularly exciting to report.”

He acknowledged they were “boyfriend/girlfriend” – he was on the school wrestling team and she was a cheerleader.

In a 1999 interview, Bray also disclosed: “Our relationship ended when I went off to the Naval Academy. She went off to another school and pursued her career.

“But we stayed in touch by mail. I corresponded with her while I was in Germany in the military. The last letter I wrote her was from there.”

He admitted: “I don’t watch her on TV – I don’t watch much TV.” After his release from prison in 1989, Bray defiantly wrote “A Time to Kill,” a book urging violence against abortion doctors. 

Today, the 60- year-old mother-of- two Kathie Lee is worth an estimated $20 million.

Meanwhile, Bray lives in Wilmington, Ohio, with his wife and 11 children. He works as a part-time college professor and house painter, and is currently writing a book about imprisoned anti-abortion crusaders. In a bizarre twist, the ex-bomber also earns extra money as a stilt walker dressed as Uncle Sam, according to his website.

As for Kathie Lee, he says: “I have fond memories. I wish her all the best.”