Fallen reality TV star Kate Gosselin is turning to Kris Jenner to save her tanking career!

Cash-hungry Kate is hoping the petite dynamo – who’s built her Kardashian brood into a $65 million business empire – can help reinvent HER family as the next Hollywood dynasty, sources say.

“Kate has reached out to Kris hoping she’ll mentor her on how to turn the Gosselin kids into a money-making machine,” a source divulged.

“Kate wants her family to be Kardashian 2.0!”

Her clan’s last TV show, “Kate Plus 8,” was yanked off the air by TLC in August after it drew less than one million viewers per week.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, Kate blamed her cheating ex-husband Jon for the show’s failure, and fears the loss of income will put her and their kids – 11-year-old twins and 7-year-old sextuplets – in the poor house.

In a bid to rebuild their brand, Kate is enrolling the children in singing and acting classes, and planning a move to Hollywood.

“While Jon thinks it’s distasteful, Kate sees dollar signs in their kids’ eyes,” the source added.

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